Understanding Unity: A Reflection By A Law of One Forum Moderator

Cosmic Composure

Article by Brian Preece (Admin at Facebook’s “Law of One: Ra Material Study Group”)
Doug S., here.  Brian Preece is one of the best moderators I have read in our community as his responses always seem to me to be balanced, respectful, very informative, and inviting.  I was delighted to read his response (below) to a question posed online.  I asked his permission to post his response here.  I edited it a little bit. I hope that you enjoy this brief reflection like I did.  
Original Question: 

When Ra speaks of us all being the one, I understand that we are all leaves on the same tree. I see all other selves as a part of me. Other explanations imply that we are literally the same thing existing in a form of super position. (i am me and you at once because “the now” is all there…

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