Quantum Entanglement Visibly Demonstrated

Winging with Whitehawk

Just a quick personal comment re: quantum entanglement. When I was in what I then identified as a “twin flame” connection, I was bombarded by all manner of psychic insights into his life and nature. In the end I thought, oh, this is what it is – quantum entanglement. If consciousness is focused on something pretty intently, entanglement with that thing/person/pet etc. is created. My POV. Meanwhile:

Scientists entangle 2 objects on the macroscopic level for first time.

by Bryan Nelson for MNN


Quantum entanglement demonstrated at a level visible to the naked eye

Few phenomena in quantum physics seem as close to magic as entanglement. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” and harnessing it might one day make teleportation a reality. Entanglement is anti-intuitive, fantastical, and weird, but the science behind it is extremely well established.

It essentially involves placing two seemingly separate particles in a correlated…

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