David Wilcock notes on the Jerome Corsi 4-11-18 speech (in the last post)… “Why Donald Trump is in the President’s office”

Nothing new here, but always a good refresh to learn that POTUS is working FOR the American People with the backing of the Military.

Kauilapele's Blog

This is from Part 2 of David’s new article, which I will post shortly. However I felt it was important to get this out there as soon as possible because I feel it is very helpful (and important) to understand why Donald Trump is president, and why he was asked to be president, by the Alliance.

It refers to the video, starting at 6:23, where Dr. Jerome Corsi talks about how he was approached by the military. It is posted on the Kp blog, both here and here. Also downloadable video MP4 and MP3 audio of this video are linked there as well.

“…Corsi said that three years ago, he had spoken to three top generals in the US military who were ready to remove Obama from office with military force… A few weeks later, Corsi got another call and the generals said they were reconsidering… they told…

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