David Wilcock new article 4-27-18… “Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now” (Part 1)

Always in-depth, fascinating material from David and his “insiders”.

Kauilapele's Blog

Learned about this when I was at Kona Coffee and Tea (thanks to Ed and Kathy), and it’s taken me this long to go through the entire thing.

I’m only posting the text here, so please go to the original to view all the images. I have downloaded the full part 1 page and stored them. Here are the links to these versions: TEXT ONLY; HTML ONLY; COMPLETE WEB PAGE (zip folder).

Remember that David usually updates his articles after intitial posting, so please check back to the original after a day or two to see if he’s added anything.

“The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

“Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are…

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