Sin Karma and Loosh ~ April 23, 2018

The written version of the latest presentation from The Positive Side of 2012…


Sin Karma and Loosh. By Tom Price.

We are a team and our first major mission is to take out the 4th dimensional beings on this planet, the bad guys, they are 4th dimensional beings.

These 4th dimensional beings are right in front of you and that includes most of the congressmen, Hollywood, the TV news broadcasters, you name it… Religions and everything else… Think about it.

Just about everyone you see on the public side, who has any power at all, is a 4th dimensional being… and this goes for good people too.

People, whom you think are be just normal good people on TV… they are 4th dimensional beings and they’re able to cloak themselves to put on their three-dimensional outfit called a “cloak”.

This goes for good actors as well.  Like I said: nearly all of them, the good people, have been hijacked.

In the old…

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