Empath : Wild free Women


Life is filled with lessons, ironies, paradoxes, divine synchronicities, deep realizations and soul shifting awakenings.

I believe empaths are Special.

We are here to heal, guiding others to healing on their path.  We are mothers, mentors, yogis, life coaches, therapist, nutritionist, physios, we serve a higher calling. 

We ve been conditioned by so many things, school, teachers, religions, parents, partners, lovers, friends, we mould ourselves to the situation and we conform to be accepted.

To be Needed, is Not LOVE. It is a Illusion. 

After years of conforming, we begin to crack, we begin to want to be free of the invisible walls of suppression, the box we reside in. 

We want to be free, as women, we want to roam the inside of our consciousness, we no longer want to be the Male driven, man like substance the world forces us to be, we seek the Inner Goddess…

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