Discernment in Relationships and Conscious Relating by Bernhard Guenther 

Care, Bliss and the Universe

It always takes two to tango. As long as we haven’t owned our own shadow aspects, it will alway come back to us (mirrored) through other people, or via occult entity attacks/interference, injecting in the cracks of our energy body due to lack of embodiment, past wounding/trauma and not having fully anchored our soul essence into the body/avatar.

In short, if you want a “conscious” partner, the work is with yourself first and foremost with radical self-honesty..Anyone who is waiting for the perfect partner to appear without taking full responsibility for his/her own own soul evolution and is caught in blaming/projecting/expecting/feeling like a victim will be greatly disappointed. The relationships in your life (not only romantic) are also a gage/measure of where you are at in your own soul evolution.

In the end relationships are lessons in love, not an end in themselves. Not every relationships can be worked…

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