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God said:

Beloved, I ask you frankly, must life on Earth exist all about what you want on this day? I mean, think about it. Do you give the impression that your life may be one disappointment after another, one question another about how come? How come you didn’t get the job? How come you got passed over for a raise? How come today is cold and windy? How come, on some days, everything seems hard, and nothing seems to go easily, let alone right?

Is this sometimes so for you what I am saying? Sometimes life seems to be made up, that of hurdles, and sometimes life seems uphill and you are betwixt and beside yourself no matter how hard it is for you to say that life, your very life, seems to like to trip you up, as if life goes around catching you out, saying “Aha!” to…

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Arcturian Group Message April 22, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com

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                                       APRIL 22, 2018
Dear readers, welcome to the new age–the one songs have been written about, the one that has been long predicted, and the one being created right now through your evolved states of consciousness and increasing ability to see through the chaos and troubles of a world quickly moving beyond the  ignorance and un-enlightened awareness that has governed her for so long.
You are doing a fine job in spite of appearances.  Increasingly intense energies of Light continue to expose  actions either previously unknown to the general public or that were promoted and defined through misinformation intended to make them seem ordinary and in the best interests of the majority.
Be not afraid dear ones, even though there is much going on at this time that…

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GALACTIC CONNECTION – Earth Day 2018: Ending Plastic Pollution in the Oceans, Land & Our Bodies – 4-22-18

Higher Density Blog

Published on Apr 20, 2018

https://democracynow.org – This Sunday more than a billion people will celebrate Earth Day. This year’s theme: ending plastic pollution by Earth Day 2020. Of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic sold each year, about 90 percent ends up in landfills, in the oceans—and in our bodies. Part of the focus will be microplastics, those small bits of plastic that are seemingly everywhere. We speak to Marcus Eriksen of the 5 Gyres Institute, who has led 20 expeditions around the world to research plastic marine pollution, and Priscilla Villa of the #BreakFreeFromPlastics movement. Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: https://democracynow.org

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Discernment in Relationships and Conscious Relating by Bernhard Guenther 

Care, Bliss and the Universe

It always takes two to tango. As long as we haven’t owned our own shadow aspects, it will alway come back to us (mirrored) through other people, or via occult entity attacks/interference, injecting in the cracks of our energy body due to lack of embodiment, past wounding/trauma and not having fully anchored our soul essence into the body/avatar.

In short, if you want a “conscious” partner, the work is with yourself first and foremost with radical self-honesty..Anyone who is waiting for the perfect partner to appear without taking full responsibility for his/her own own soul evolution and is caught in blaming/projecting/expecting/feeling like a victim will be greatly disappointed. The relationships in your life (not only romantic) are also a gage/measure of where you are at in your own soul evolution.

In the end relationships are lessons in love, not an end in themselves. Not every relationships can be worked…

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Building Wings for Planetary Lightbody – 5-33-28

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To support the change in the gender fin rate of spin and to help correct the male and female rod and staff planetary architecture, Starseeds have been processing 6D-7D wing trauma that connects into Sirius B and Arcturian energies, as well as the Gaian timelines recorded in the Indigo and Violet Ray spectrum. The 6D-7D ray frequencies connect into vertical axiatonal lines and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. In the angelic human lightbody, these two energy centers operate as portals and are called the Wings. The 6th portal Wing is in the top right shoulder indent on the masculine side of the body, and the 7D portal Wing is on the top left shoulder indent on the feminine side of the body. The 6D portal is connected to the…

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Affirmations, Prayer, and Intent — The Joy of Awareness

Unicorn Dreaming

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on my approach to affirmations. I want to expand on that article today, adding the concepts of prayer and intention. I’ve used affirmations daily for little over a year now, and they’ve changed my life. It’s been gradual but profound. The way I see it, repeating positive, […]

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Building Trust Through Emotional Transparency

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the past few years we have all together learned a lot about the many little details that humanity collectively needs to change in order to truly create a path towards live in the Golden Age of Aquarius on this planet. We are much more aware now that we have to keep a close eye on ourselves and make sure that all our new creations truly serve this higher purpose. For example the year 2017 invited us to learn more about authentic leadership and emotional intelligence, which allows us to apply higher principles of communication in all of our relationships.
Now we are well off to remember that in order to create balance in all of our relations, we better love the guidance from our higher self more than the need for something or someone in our life. Essentially we are all great spiritual…

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