PAUL SEABURN @ Mysterious Universe – Strange Shadows in Space May Be Wormholes – 4-20-18

Higher Density Blog


If it’s true that wormholes exist and that it’s only a matter of time before we find one or more of these tunnels through spacetime, that time may have just gotten a little shorter. A physicist in India claims that wormholes should cast a shadow just like the ones black holes cast and, once we get better at finding those, the same technique will help locate the similar but slightly distorted shadows of a wormhole. Are you ready for faster-than-light travel?


Shaikh proposes that wormholes cast a similar yet distinguishable shadow.

“In the observer’s sky, the scattered photons form bright spots, whereas the photons captured by the wormhole form dark spots. The union of the dark spots in the observer’s sky constitute the shadow.”

While prior models have calculated the shadow of a wormhole before, …


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