Energy Update: Interplanetary Shock Wave Brings Collective UPgrades

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Interplanetary SHOCK wave came in last night on April 19th that quadrupled the density of the SOULar winds that were flowing in and around Gaia. The magnetic fields near these winds intensified 10 times what they were…opening up the way for a stronger geomagnetic storm. There may have been a SOULar flare connected to this (a coronal mass ejection or CME)….probably would have been minor, yet enough to cause the shock wave. LOTS of plasma released with these energies which usually means and leads to UPgrades!
With UPgrading like this, you may experience mega sleepiness and just HAVE to crash, cannot remain conscious and walking around. I just ‘slept’ 13 hours!! Yet, it was not just sleeping, it was journeying, it was visiting Star Family for a kind of conference and supportive talk. It was also lots of astral self travel, connecting and networking with souls that are in…

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