Energy Update: Higher Heart Collective And Personal Healing

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
The geomagnetics are picking up…..Body toxicities may flush up again too from these…..flu-like, etc. as the cells clean out the memories of sickness and disease and any deathstyles that you may have chosen in the past. You may have felt them in the night and found that you couldn’t sleep too deeply. Like a hum moving through or a buzz….lighting up the cells, stirring up DNA, activating crystals. I was awake around 2:00am feeling like I had eaten sugar or drank caffeine, even though I had not. I listened to soothing music and eventually drifted back to sleep again.
I also felt a sadness move through my Higher Heart that felt connected to the emotional body pieces that I have been feeling more with women in sessions lately. Now that we are a couple months into regular, weekly sessions together, there is an opportunity to feel…

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