Are You on a Mission or an Escapade? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The world at large looks for reasons and causes, looks for sequential events and numbers, looks for consequences in a Universe that appears complicated when Truth may actually be simpler as well as deeper than it may at first appear.

In a deeper reality where True Oneness exists, everything occurs all at once. How can this be?

As it is now, almost everything has reasons and explanations and excuses. What seems perfectly logical may not be as it appears.

You have evidence of death. At the same time as you observe death, it is possible for you to accept that death isn’t true, yet at the same time, before your eyes, you may see life’s breath passing.

Yet everything is connected all at once even as you are unable to grasp how it connects.

Everything is in My Hands, and sometimes you accept this, yet not always. Not…

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