You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

school-1822565__340By Raphael Awen

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

By our very nature, we subscribe to different pictures of reality and then these pictures manifest in our lives as ‘proof’ of our reality.

We are then biased towards the reality we created, be it a desirable one, or not so desirable, negating the multitude of other possibilities we could have created and seen as real, on the projector screen that we call our lives.

What is more real than our created realities is this ability to create realities, and even reality itself. This reality, we really need a lot of courage to face.

If the above is true, it leaves you and I responsible. It doesn’t offer us any condolences on our bad set of circumstances that life dealt us. It offers you and I deep awareness of our power.

Being responsible doesn’t mean it’s your fault; far…

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