I, God, Know What I Am Doing | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

I could have said:

God says:

Yet it seems to Me that God said carries more weight. God says may come across more like God sez: and that might come across as downright irreverent.

I am not One to be guided by impressions, yet impressions make their mark. I am not courting favor, yet why not put My best foot forward and bring you closer to Me while We’re at it? Who knows who might be waiting to get a glimpse of Me and perhaps interview Us on international television! (smile!)

Neither of Us is looking to gain points. Our true leaning is toward being a blessing – simple, first and last. Love is the finest blessing I know. It doesn’t have to be love on a grand scale. It can just be love coming around the corner, welcoming all. Beloved, welcome all on My behalf. I…

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