Family of Light – Pleiadian Collective ~ April 16, 2018


As a Hospital Laboratory Manager who see first-hand the abysmal failure for Western medicine, I AM thrilled about the changes in human health coming to our Earth with the occurrance of “The Event”. Far too many are suffering at the hands of those mis-trained by “modern” medicine.


Family Of Light!

We Wish This Moment to Teach You of the Coming Changes In Holistic Treatments in the Body-Mind.

Vibrational Medicine will Completely Replace Traditional Techniques in Present Practice.


There Will Be No Practitioners As Now, Continually Giving Toxic Chemicals to the Masses.

The Many Lies Spread About the Poisoning Of Your Body-Mind With False Hope Will Cease.

As You Know This Has Become A Money Making Venture For Many and Harmed Millions of Those Trusting.


There Are Many Among You Now That Are Gifted With These Sacred Vibrations.

These Will Teach Others and A New Way of Living…

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