Empath: Relationships : Light vs Dark


Darkness is the absence of light. The absence of love, joy, forgiveness, the inability to move from the space, you have created. We all have our darkness. The habits we deny, the lies we spin to ourselves, failure to admit our flaws, pretending all is well, when you haven’t had sex for months, your partner neglects your sexual and emotional needs, you grow distant. Ego takes over, life becomes a constant battle of arguments and judging, blame shifting.  The answer is simple,  you reflect what you feel, like a mirror.

If you feel cared for, in tune with yourself, you open your heart to understanding your partner, to know that love works.

When last did you write him or her a love letter?

Sharing your love in words, saying they are amazing or grab their ass? or flirt with your partner?

Giving them time and attention? When last did you…

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