#DEFEATDEW: Statute To Ban Directed Energy Weapons #STOP5G #LOUCHE ~ April 16, 2018

5G is an environmental and health issue. It needs to be stopped. NOW!


A joint task force of whistle-blower scientists, journalists and experts in international law and justice have united to fight the deployment of Directed Energy Weapons. In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of EXOPOLITICS and consultant to the Carter administration regarding extraterrestrial communication, YAFTV shares important information on how we can help defeat the deployment of DEW weapons/5G by supporting the WORLD TREATY CONFERENCE TO BAN NEURO-TECH AND DEW WEAPONS.

This is information all need to know. There certainly IS a lot of disturbing info out there right now, but let’s add one more scoop of another flavor of angst to worry about. YouAreFreeTV comes to us letting us know the danger from electromagnetic weapons.

Ya’ll already know about the pervasive 5G technology (it ain’t that safe folks), but now electromagnetic weapons are now being used against the masses. Those who are not considered “safe” have been, and are…

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