Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astro-Numerology Forecast for April 16-22 New Beginnings & Freedom

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Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astro-Numerology forecast for April 16-22NewBeginnings & Freedom

Published on Apr 14, 2018


The overall themes for this week are New Beginnings, freedom, forward momentum and abundance activation!

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Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World.

Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.


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