Syria, Prophecy, and the Eris Point [Video] ~ April 15, 2018


This is a long listen…but SO very worthwhile.  Many thanks to Captian’s Blog (Starship Earth) for putting this out there. So…please take a listen, learn a lot, and…



Like everything of importance that would help us understand our reality and facilitate our abilities to be effective co-creators, astrology has intentionally been relegated to the realm of frivolous and nonsensical. That is because astrology is key in our reality and understanding it and using it for our benefit would put the enemy at a disadvantage.You don’t have to understand astrology to benefit greatly from this discussion. It is key in understanding the volatile nature of these final Mercury in retrograde energies in mid-April, and the advent of the Illuminati “New Year” beginning April 15th.Failure to understand the power of the celestial alignments and still maintain control of our destiny is akin to…

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