Is ‘The Event’ an Innie or an Outtie? [video]

What are your thoughts on the “Event”?

Captain's Blog

For Humanity, this is uncharted territory. Is The Event an inner experience, or one outside of us—or both? We have a choice. It’s not so much a conscious choice, but if you’re reading this, the results just may be something you detect within; something you feel.

For those who refused to wake up, they may not see or feel anything at all. This is the way an “inorganic” ascension works.

Knowing the superwaves that are washing over the planet now are changing us molecularly and at the level of our DNA may enable us to feel a difference. If there is a single, tsunami of Light in the Key of Love, will we see or feel it?

That remains to be seen. Or not. What would it feel like to be awash in a sea of Love? I’m hoping most people feel it BIG time. It will be a…

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