Aries New Moon — Free Falling

Transmissions from Source(Love)

Wherever you are right in this moment, this is your starting point.

This is your greatest and most memorable beginning.

Yes, much is ending in this very moment. This too is a potent truth. But when has it happened any other way? How much more thrilling and magnificent and true a beginning is when it follows an ending just as thrilling and magnificent and true. The two envelop eachother and while they may appear to be separate entities, in truth this is never the reality. What is an ending, but another beautiful and fiery beginning.

Even if it feels as though there is only destruction and chaos and sadness encircling you now, do not let this convince you that you are doing something ‘wrong’, or being punished, or that you are ‘undeserving’ of a beginning. Whether or not you invite it in, whether or not you believe you desire something…

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