Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism, Chapter 1: Origins, by SunBôw

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Chapter One – Origins

Let us start with the origins. Without the memory of its origins, a species is like a tree without roots. We need to remember our origins to understand who we are and the purpose of our long term evolution. This is why today, Humanity is so confused and lost, because of the loss of knowledge of its origins, that has been caused gradually through internal decadence, due to outside influences from some non-Human intelligent entities who have enslaved Humankind, erasing traces and memories of the past.

That some entities, incarnated or not, are malevolent and evil, is not a matter of debate among shamans. It is rather often their lot to deal with those disturbing energies, to face, neutralize or repell them. Spiritualists and healers know that their work involves protecting, preventing and curing many evils. They are aware of their role as spiritual warriors, defenders…

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