This, Just This, Happiness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Happy Days are here again! Hum this song, and see how you feel. The sky’s the limit. In fact, not even the sky has a limit. There is no ceiling on the sky.

Why not Happy Days? Where is it written that life is ever to be less than happy? Nonsense.

Not to be nostalgic, Beloved, yet today is a one-time offer and will not come again. This is just one aspect from which to look at Today.

Today is an occasion. It is an occasion for happiness. There are no limits on how happy you can be. Take My Hand. Accompany Me to where all the happiness in the world lies. Here is happiness right smack in front of you where I AM! Here is the door to open. See the hand-painted sign tacked on the door. Here, the sign says Happiness. I painted the sign My…

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