They Killed Galt Along with JFK Jr.

Patriots for Truth

By Guest Contributor Condor


Foreign Powers not only Assassinated President Kennedy; they suppressed GALT; they sabotaged the Nuclear Industry; they killed the space program. Global elites essentially attacked America and hurled our nation back into the Petroleum Age with no one being the wiser!


In the upcoming weeks and months we will be exploring the history of energy technologies that have been suppressed from humanity. Had Kennedy’s vision been realized, our world, the economy, and energy would have looked much different.

Here are some information teasers to get you started in your own research. We will update this page in a few days will a beautiful picture blog of images to show you the true history of energy suppression.

Has Our Galactic Time-Line Changed?


Milankovitch cycle warming-cooling.

JFK’s “SPACE” vision caught the imagination and heart of the world in the early 1960s. He would inspire the television series, Lost…

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