The Silent Music of Godwriting | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

There are many ways of looking at the highly personal Silent Process of Godwriting.

You can think of Godwriting as listening to bird song early in the morning or at night fall. The tune the birds sing is easy to pick up. The birds sing alike. Yet, you, the listeners at dawn or dusk, may pick up slightly different versions of lyrics according to your moment of Soul Listening. What can the lyrics be? Here come the lyrics! They accompany the sweet simple song. They come in varying colors and tones of each Godwriter. There is no standard of correctness. There is only what comes. It comes as it comes, as if from different yet companionable musical instruments that resonate like the varying colors of the rainbow.

Godwriting is more like composing music in the sense that it comes to you, and then the lyrics come along as…

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