RAPHAEL’S HEALING SPACE – Energy Healing Demystified – 3-21-18

Higher Density Blog


When I first began my energy healing profession several years ago, the Universe sent someone, who highly doubted the efficacy of energy healing treatments, my way. Back then, immediately after our encounter, I began the process of writing this blog; to help address the concerns he brought up. This blog took years for me to complete as I first needed to grow in my experience as a healer, before I can actually publish this.


I felt like this must be written from the authentic perspective of an experienced energy healer, so that it will ‘ring’ true and resonate in the hearts of many people reading it. Today, more than 3 years later, I finally feel ready to present my energy healing work experience with all of you here.


In this article, a detailed explanation of what energy healing is all about and its wonderful benefits will be provided to the mainstream public in a…

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