Ohhhh the ET’s and New Moon Expanded Adventures!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

ET light infusion

I did an ET connection the other day that just floored me, actually I did two this week that just popped my brain open even more, with amazement!!

The first one I want to talk about, took my vision to where they were (often times they arrive near the persons field I am connected to.)  A portal immediately opened near the treeline in my back yard and my vision or soul consciousness went up thru the portal and landed at a galaxy outside of our own.  There were three planets that were surprisingly close to each other in an upside down V pattern.  One Being from each planet was there to connect with my lady and they were light harvesters.  Each planet was so differently illuminated, one had two suns, one had no suns but a star filled sky and these stars were much closer to the surface of the…

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