Mercury’s Post-Direction Journey: 10 Days in April 2018 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Though Mercury has already stationed for turnaround, it hasn’t happened yet; we have to wait until 2:21 AM Pacific time of the 15th for a technical shift in direction. Merc’s direct motion starts at 4 Aries 46, with Mercury’s first post-direction contacts (other than ones received from Luna) coming on the 25th-26th close together: a […]

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The First Pizza? Great Goddess Herbed Cheese: Reviving The Spring Offering Of Moretum — gather

Looks yummy!

This Roman springtime dish is a kind of cheesy pesto once eaten in honour of the Goddess Cybele, The Magna Mater (The Great Mother). And according to Ovid, Mortum descends from a time ancient people drank only pure milk and ate only “the herbs that the earth bore of its free will.” And as we’ll…

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Energy Update Go with your Gut


Massive solar geomagnetic pulses are blasting us and Gaia with high energetic frequencies. As the world appears to be imploding many of us are reporting high vibrations. Dizziness, nausea, buzzing in ears, sinusitis and disturbed sleep are caused by the disruptive fluctuating solar frequencies. We may feel eerily aware of other timelines. We may witness parallel lives in dream state. We may have strange interactions with nature during periods of high vibratory pulses. Global politics take an apocalyptic turn and many of us are responding in a bizarrely calm manner. There is intellectual recognition of supposed imminent disaster in some form. Economic collapse, world war 3, a return to open imperialist slavery… We are experiencing anger, shock, sadness and disbelief. We can feel overwhelmed, exit stage left, if we spend too much time or energy engaging with the hellfire of the dying matrix.

Distance can be created by rising to…

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A.K. Reader: “The Universe Is Pregnant with Seeds” (2000) —

This essay was written as an Introduction to the “Resurrection” theme of the Spring 2000 issue of Crone Chronicles. The human race had just surrendered to the new millennium. An astonishing moment. And that I would rediscover this old essay today, given the ghastly, same-ol’, same-ol’ military strike on Syria last night, feels perfect. While…

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This, Just This, Happiness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Happy Days are here again! Hum this song, and see how you feel. The sky’s the limit. In fact, not even the sky has a limit. There is no ceiling on the sky.

Why not Happy Days? Where is it written that life is ever to be less than happy? Nonsense.

Not to be nostalgic, Beloved, yet today is a one-time offer and will not come again. This is just one aspect from which to look at Today.

Today is an occasion. It is an occasion for happiness. There are no limits on how happy you can be. Take My Hand. Accompany Me to where all the happiness in the world lies. Here is happiness right smack in front of you where I AM! Here is the door to open. See the hand-painted sign tacked on the door. Here, the sign says Happiness. I painted the sign My…

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Your Soul Journey is like the Rose

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I awoke this morning at 5:55 am.  In the morning light, i asked, What should i do?   How do i proceed?  Remeber the Rose, my child. The light you share with others is Now anchoring into the planet.  This seed of Mother’s light is like the seed of the rose.  Anchored into Gaia, nurtured and begins to grow and flourish till the flower begins to bud and unfurl.  the petals are the remembering of the many timelines connected to the heartlight of Source of all.  This you awaken in others.  There are many explanations for the word ascension but it comes back to simply the rebirthing or conscious expression of the soul incarnated at this time.  It is the opening of the heart chakra/ Mothers energy in all lifeforms on this planet.  This leads to the expression of the energy of love thru thought and deed.  Respect for All life,  All is One Heart. …

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