Cyber to Cellular Expansion of Consciousness


The matrix creaks and cracks around us. In turn strengthening its grip or flinching and glitching. In a world where we are conditioned to compete, conform and comply we focus on what’s missing not what’s already here. We then feed this, as the snake eats its tail, consumerism and capitalism can never be satisfied. We are programmed to feel bad about ourselves with the matrix offering one quick fix after another. We are made to feel negative which causes us to draw more negativity to us. We manifest our negativity, our fears. This is matrix utopia. We become the driving force of 3d holographic reality. We become the protagonists. We do the elite’s dirty work for them. Breeding negativity within and so without.

Layered over our natural environment, the holographic matrix operates on a system of ignorance and fear. Long buried ancient sites of mystical knowledge are revealing themselves to…

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