Jennifer Hoffman: Obligations, Excuses and Action | Enlightening Life

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Obligations, Excuses and Action | Enlightening Life

by Jennifer Hoffman | Apr 10, 2018 | 2018, April 2018, blog, Boundaries, Energy, Evolution, Parenting, past, Q&A, relationships, Shame and guilt

To what extent are we obligated to others’ well-being, happiness, and security and do we have a choice in our obligations? In this article, which answers a question asked by a reader, I bring up the idea that meeting this obligations is something we can choose to do, or not and sometimes the obligation we assume can be the excuses we need to not move forward with our own lives.

Dear Jennifer: It has taken me a long time but I’m learning to put my needs first. I am a single mother, with one daughter and I currently live with my mother, who is having many mental and health problems and is on lots of medications. My mother wants me to…

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