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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

I can speak nothing but Truth, I am incapable of saying less than Truth. I do not imagine, for I know All. At one time I imagined, and My Creation appeared, for Creation is the fruit of My thought. But now I do not imagine. I see. I see All before Me. Therefore, I see only the Light of Truth. And therefore I sing only Truth, for I sing of Me.

If what I have said about your being My Light is true, and, of course, it is, then you are Holiness. You are a Human Holy Light in God’s Creation.

Each star in Heaven shines its light and knows it so shines. There is no modesty in Heaven. There are no disclaimers. No star says, “Oh, but God, I don’t really shine. Look at me. I have physical form. How can I shine?”

Each star shines its…

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