Energize a Breakthrough – Living as Soul – Selacia

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Forever Unlimited

Energize a Breakthrough
– Living as Soul –
by Selacia

Selacia Article & Info on Upcoming 4/14 New Moon Meditation

Did you know you have the potential to rewrite your life script with more ease now? This means that you can create a new path forward and energize breakthroughs involving your life purpose. Most likely, this involves relationships, naturally interconnected with everything you manifest here on Earth. Continue reading to better understand these energies and how they apply in your life.

Rebirth Energies

In some ways, you are always in some stages of rebirth, given the eternal nature of your soul and ceaselessly evolving from one thing to another. Change indeed is the only constant of your human existence. That said, there are times when the pace of change escalates, even morphing into a super-charged rate that takes you into quantum shifting. We are sitting in that sort of energy…

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