2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate – Artificial Intelligence – 4-12-18 — Higher Density Blog


“Sunny” — The Ascension process that a percentage of humanity are currently undergoing is an organic process, one that is part of the cyclic evolution of your lifestreams.  The incarnated souls of beings who live upon this world are being affected by the ascension of the planet itself.  I would caution anyone on fully accepting the presence of AI in their life, for although we, the Pleiadians, utilize machines and build our ships of metals, the energy that runs the ships is crystalline and a form of “life”, having its own form of sentience and intelligence.  The AI that is being, in my humble opinion, forced upon the Western world especially is artificial and inorganic, ultimately designed to control every thought, movement and even end your life… it is called the Internet of all things and is a precusor to the AI that controlled the hive mind of Maldek.  The oppressive regime of that planet, through their aggressive and competitive natures eventually succeeded in destroying their beautiful planet, which was much bigger than Earth.  All that remains of her is the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter.  Do you want to be responsible for the destruction of this planet also?  The laggards of Maldek are present on this planet, invited here to incarnate as an opportunity to overcome and heal their past so they might reenter the organic process of evolution as is expected of every soul group in the Universe without exception.  However, the aggressive nature of some of these laggard souls is unrepentant.  Coupled with the invasion of the Belials from the lower Orion worlds and negative Reptilian influences, make the adoption of inorganic AI a very problematic and potentially lethal step for humanity to take at this time in their evolutionary path.  The intent by those who wish to control this world is to permanently forstall the organic evolution of humanity.  AI is the means by which the present global elite intend to continue and strength their control over those of humanity who remain, for their intent is also to depopulate the planet through any means possible, including introducing the highly toxic 5G space-based internet which will control ALL life on this planet.  Adopting this kind of AI in a blind fashion is NOT advisable in my opinion.  By the way, those beings who are currently within or entering the ascension process are NOT gods and goddesses… it is their Higher Selves who may or may not be gods and goddesses, not their current earthly incarnations or soul extensions.  Ascension is a reblending or reintegration into the Higher Self, the multidimensional Self, which has developed further through the experiences of the soul extension or fragment in coping with the physical challenges of this extremely low frequency world.  Ascension should really be called evolution.  There is a natural cycle of evolution unless interrupted by artificial means…i.e., AI.


DUANE: A.I. – will it help or destroy Humanity. How does it affect Ascension for all of you Goddesses and Gods? Our Divine abilities in Creation within the Higher Dimensions? – What happens when A.I. is self aware? The dark forces are very interested in A.I. for malevolent purposes. We are now under Universal Law. […]

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