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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Surrendering yourself to Me is the same as surrounding yourself with Me. You surround yourself with your acknowledgement of what is. It is not surrender but recognition. Surrender is the brightening of a lamp you kept dimmed. Surrender is the ah of joy that escapes your breath in a moment of inescapable Truth. Surrender is surrender only to Truth. Surrender is realization of a Wonderful Partnership.

So many times you have thought you were alone. For you to be alone is an impossibility. There is no separation between you and Me. There never was. There was your averting your eyes.

Now you open your eyes, and now you see.

Your surrender to Me is not for Me. It is for you. You need your surrender. I already know Truth. I am Truth, and so are you. You need something more only in your awareness, and that something more…

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