Mythical beings of Siberian Shamanism

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Excerpts from ‘Siberian Shamanism’, A study in social anthropology of Aboriginal Siberia, by M. A. Czaplicka, 1914

Chukchee tribes:

All the forests, rivers, lakes, and classes of animals have their own ‘masters’ (Auralit) or ‘owners’ (Etinvit). Sometimes, the Chukchee call them Kelet-a (spirit beings, magical beings)… Kelet are said to live underground, and to have also an abode above the earth… The Kelet do not remain in their home but wander abroad… They are too numerous to be distinguished by special names… They have all sorts of strange faces and forms… They are organized in communities resembling those of men.

On the Pacific shores they are often known as Rekkenit (singular: Rekken). These have various monstrous forms and animals that are born with diformities are sacrificed to them… These spirits once formed a tribe of giants living on the Arctic shores, but being much harassed by the Chukchee, they changed…

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