JALELLE AWEN @ In5D – Dizzy? Vertigo? Light Headed? – Here’s Why And What You Can Do! – 4-10-18

Higher Density Blog


by Jelelle Awen,


For the next two days April 10th and 11th, a stream of SOULar winds are coming in and with them, a geomagnetic storm. These winds are also carrying in SOULar energies from a growing wide hole in the sun’s surface. A hole to help make us WHOLE…. is how it feels to me! We are now checking space weather like we used to check regular weather!

With the intensity of what these cosmic energies can bring up, it can be good to track it somewhat and make connections to what is happening ‘out there’. I use spaceweather.comfor that purpose now and my connection to Star Family provides downloads and a ‘from Gaia’s orbit as connected to the center of cosmos’ sense as well. I am experiencing regular meetings with my Star Family/Guides these last weeks to feel into my own personal manifestation of my…

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