Ascension Notes: We are much more… – 07-Apr-2018 by Kara Schallock — Forever Unlimited


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We are much more… – 07-Apr-2018 by Kara Schallock

Recently I was called to visit my father, who is in the process of transiting from this life’s physical realm to the next great adventure. The way things unfolded put me in a vacuum of unfamiliarity, where nothing seemed as […]

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Ceila Fenn: Riding the Wave of Diamond Consciousness

Forever Unlimited

Ceila Fenn:

Hope you are all riding the wave of Diamond Consciousness to the New Earth!

Been dealing with some really cray cray crazy energies down south here!

I think everyone is feeling the chaos in some way as this translucent wave is just lifting all the dark stuff and chucking it up for all to see……and then we wave it bye bye as we head for the New Earth.

Walk in Peace and Love my fellow Diamond Masters.

Now is the Time!

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April 11-11 Activation

Heart Star

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Dear All,

This is quick note to let you all know there’s a DNA Activation posted at the LoveLight Circle for April 11, 2018 = 11-4-11 ~ four pillars around the 4 vibration of stabilization of Love, steadiness and consistency of flow, expressing through the Double Infinity (Rose Cross) geometry of Sacred Union. See this post for an activation meditation/visualization attuned with this 11-11 Gateway.

Remember through this intense phase of the planetary shift into unity consciousness, the Oneness vibration, to keep aligning in your heart with the Source of all Love-Light-Life, dear friends. We can be aware of the tensions of the polarity expression of 3-4D while flowing in total trust and inner peace with the current of Oneness. This includes the polarity expressions awakening folk sometimes still lean towards, such as polarization of ‘Service to Self v. Service to Others’, positioning people on one side or the other…

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Loose Ends, Astrology and My NDE

Laura Bruno's Blog

Since I’ve not blogged in over week, this is just a quick post to say I’m not dead, but I almost was. No need for alarm: I’ve had so many near death experiences, near lightning strikes, head injuries, and I spend so much time crossing the veil in both personal and professional life that even my mom commented, “Glad you survived that bad experience. Another chapter in your amazing life. <3”

IMG_1913Been there, done that, Laura Bruno’s had another rebirth. This one was typically uncanny in terms of premonition dreams right before Easter, specifically noting one of my return flights to Kalamazoo from Bethlehem, PA.

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Transmutation of Shadow – 4-10-18

Excellent article from Lisa Renee…

Higher Density Blog


Over many months now, we’ve been describing a basic understanding that the grounding mechanism for supporting the human body, the foundation that exists in the human light body and in the planetary light body, is reconfiguring into different functions as the lower two dimensional membranes have dissolved. As we travel through the pinnacle of the shifting timelines and trigger events, many people are breaking through amnesiac barriers to access the dark contents of the subconscious mind, pain body and shadow where the collective fear programming has been stored. Amnesiac barriers are the walls of separation that exist inside the compartments of the lower mind, or in the Three Layers of Ego. These unaddressed places in our mental and emotional body, hold contents of hidden darkness and shadow, and this content of unhealed pain and fear are pushing through the internal barriers, and its contents come into full…

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JALELLE AWEN @ In5D – Dizzy? Vertigo? Light Headed? – Here’s Why And What You Can Do! – 4-10-18

Higher Density Blog


by Jelelle Awen,

For the next two days April 10th and 11th, a stream of SOULar winds are coming in and with them, a geomagnetic storm. These winds are also carrying in SOULar energies from a growing wide hole in the sun’s surface. A hole to help make us WHOLE…. is how it feels to me! We are now checking space weather like we used to check regular weather!

With the intensity of what these cosmic energies can bring up, it can be good to track it somewhat and make connections to what is happening ‘out there’. I use spaceweather.comfor that purpose now and my connection to Star Family provides downloads and a ‘from Gaia’s orbit as connected to the center of cosmos’ sense as well. I am experiencing regular meetings with my Star Family/Guides these last weeks to feel into my own personal manifestation of my…

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