GABRIEL F. DURAN @ In5D – Heart-Centered Consciousness – 4-5-18

Higher Density Blog

by Gabriel F. Duran,   Guest writer,


Our return to the higher dimensional realms, means we are also becoming more of who we are. As we return to more of who we are, we change our consciousness back to the heart-centered consciousness. And this change of focus, from being in our “heads” to being from/within the “heart”, allows us to truly become more of who we are.

Our “innate” returns. As we switch to the “vertical consciousness”. This brings back our “instincts” to their natural state. Which means, we return with much more conscious “knowing” when we are reborn. As we can already see, in our children, they are returning with much knowledge, inherently.

 When we return to the heart-centered consciousness, we bring into being our “super consciousness” once more. This aspect of us that is able to “intelligently” work with our intentions and our bodies. This is…

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