classic post: prayer for radical courage (audio poetry 3:27)

be whole now

Anytime I feel that I have nothing left to write,
I am reminded that most of what I do is timeless.
This prayerpoem was posted most recently in late 2013.
Joan of Arc’s famous words:
“I am not afraid. I was born for this.”

369px-Harold_piffard_joan_of_arc“Joan of Arc” by Harold Hume Piffard, c.1895

in all things, may i travel unarmored and unafraid,
settled into a quiet cradle
whose gentle sway bears the mark of the mother’s hand

let my mind be emptied of false truths and accusations
stripped free of nagging encumbrance
my essence naked and alive in original, unswaddled glory

if i am called to a gate that refuses to open,
let me turn peaceably in another direction
and be piloted by the stars that illumine my oft-weary soul

if the storms of liberation demand that no prisoners be taken,
let me raise the sword of truth with clear-eyed compassion

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