You Are A BEacon Of LOVE: Sharing Your Self-Love Overflow In Service Of Love

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Image by Jason Dietrick

by Kalayna Colibri

It can be challenging for parts of you to remember that they need to share love with others in a mutually nourishing bond of openness and vulnerability and sometimes even contention, as much as they need love with YOU as the authentic you, ever-arising into more and more presence within yourself.

We are here to relate to ourselves deeply, to cultivate self-love. We are also here to share the overflow of that love with others – NOT to remain in stuckness or under-nourishing agreements with others, however… While there is likely some layer of love being exchanged there, there is so much more that could potentially open out… this is the ground that can make relationships of any kind scary to be in, yet also is the ground of mutual growth and ultimately a deepening of LOVE within and on the outside…

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10 Inner Dimensions of Self-Worth — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on Existing Peacefully: Many of us look outside ourselves with intent on finding things that will make us happy. Sadly this isn’t where true happiness resides; happiness comes from within not “without”. If you’re not happy with yourself in your current circumstances then nothing will make you happy until you flip the switch and…

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In5D: Energy Update – Solar Storms Bring Upgrades

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Energy Update – Solar Storms Bring Upgrades | In5D April 10, 2018 Energy Updates ~Spread the love ~ by Morag,Guest writer,

We are experiencing profound DNA upgrades triggered by solar pulses of intensely high frequencies. Portals of light are opening around the globe. Energetic shifts can be felt, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality. When these adjustments occur vertigo or nausea can be experienced as well as feeling untethered, disconnected or dissociated with our perceived reality. We can feel the ground shift beneath our feet. We can also experience moments where we feel connected to everything. Sinus issues occur when our third eye and throat chakras align. Physical manifestation of energetic blocks shifting and dissipating. Headaches and aches and pains ground us as waves of solar light flood the planet. We are integrating immense levels of high frequency light whilst immersed in heavy third dimensional…

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GALACTIC CONNECTION – Main Themes for April – Mindfullness, Patience, and Balance – 4-9-18 — Higher Density Blog

T THE POWER PATH THE MAIN THEMES FOR APRIL ARE “MINDFULNESS, PATIENCE AND BALANCE”. * This is a tricky month where we can be challenged at every turn. Impatience is not our friend and mindfulness is a necessary practice for survival of these times. We will need to pay special attention to what we […]

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The Star Children ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are happy to give you the following progress report. The new generation of humans that has been born in the last decade is staying right on course with the agenda that they had for choosing to incarnate at this time. We are noticing that they are able to handle the higher frequency energies, and that they are also able to maintain their level of sensitivity without getting overwhelmed by what the rest of humanity is processing.

Many of these children are coming in without having had many lifetimes on planet Earth, so that they would have less processing to do themselves. They are bringing in more of an awareness of their galactic origins. They are brining in less fear of extra-terrestrials, and yet they are also quite aware of the need to claim planet…

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The Energy of Intention | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Intention is energy. It is a certain kind of energy, powerful and unwasted.

Intention is like the lowering of a raft boat into the sea. Intention is like a paintbrush dipped into a certain color. Intention is like an upside-down funnel filled from the pointed end and poured out from the wide. Intention is like an arrow that becomes many arrows spread out. Intention is the opening of a door that opens, not into another room, but into a vista. Intention is an airplane ticket valid for an around-the-world-tour. Intention starts you from where you think you are and takes you where you want to go. Intention is the instrument by which a pilot sets his course. The course is set, and that is where the plane will go, and the pilot sits back.

Set your intention, and release your hold. I will take over. Set your intention…

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GABRIEL F. DURAN @ In5D – Heart-Centered Consciousness – 4-5-18

Higher Density Blog

by Gabriel F. Duran,   Guest writer,


Our return to the higher dimensional realms, means we are also becoming more of who we are. As we return to more of who we are, we change our consciousness back to the heart-centered consciousness. And this change of focus, from being in our “heads” to being from/within the “heart”, allows us to truly become more of who we are.

Our “innate” returns. As we switch to the “vertical consciousness”. This brings back our “instincts” to their natural state. Which means, we return with much more conscious “knowing” when we are reborn. As we can already see, in our children, they are returning with much knowledge, inherently.

 When we return to the heart-centered consciousness, we bring into being our “super consciousness” once more. This aspect of us that is able to “intelligently” work with our intentions and our bodies. This is…

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CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDAN – How to Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality – 4-9-18

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Published on Sep 23, 2011

When you change your personal energy frequency you literally start to change your life. Learn how to overcome your abundance blocks that have been holding you back with Christie Marie Sheldon. Join her wildly popular Masterclass, “Unblock Your Abundance” now: ABOUT CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON Christie Marie Sheldon is the author of Unlimited Abundance and Love and Above and is one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuition. For more information on these courses and Consciousness Engineering with Christie visit: ABOUT A-FEST A-Fest is an invite-only transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more. Take the first step to joining us in paradise by applying for your invite here: The festival takes place…

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