UFO Phenomena throughout History

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UFO Phenomena in History

The following list came from an extensive historical research I found online some years ago on a website I lost track of. It listed many more unusual phenomena, from extreme weathers to natural cataclysms and anomalous events. I selected from the extensive list the following cases which may be related to UFO phenomena reported throughout history. Of course, many reports could refer to astronomical events like comets, shooting stars, meteorites and auroras, or to atmospheric events like thunderbolts, clouds, haloes, parhelion, mirages or tornadoes. Yet, some accounts deserve attention.

There are many more ancient written accounts of flying ships, like the Vimanas or aerial chariots of the Vedic scriptures. Herodotus wrote about a golden chariot fallen from the sky that burned for three days. Similar stories can be found in ancient litterature as well as in oral traditions from around the world.

This list covers briefly…

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