James Gilliland: The Great Uncovering is Happening | Eceti

My sister and I have been advised of just this…everything is going down this month and for a time it will seem like the world has gone mad. Patience and courage are needed now. If you have not learned what is behind the closed doors yet you’re in for a BIG shock. Remember, you are never alone and Angels walk beside you. Give them permission to work with you through your feelings and fears. We are One.

Forever Unlimited

The Great Uncovering is Happening
by James Gilliland | Eceti
April 5, 2018


April is going to get crazy. The multidimensional war is coming to Earth. It has been going on for a long time but now it is escalating. Things that go bump in the night, fallen ones, serpent beings, reptilians, negative greys, low level astral beings seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Many light-workers are feeling it, some are under all-out attack. It can be overwhelming and it is time to close the doors, any openings that let them in. Lines are being drawn, the masks are coming down, choices are being made and it is a time where the wrong choices due to denial or ignorance can be deadly. There is a shell game going on, find the dark heart. Dark hearts are acting like white hats and white hats are being demonized by…

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