SANANDA via Galaxy Girl – THE STRUGGLE IS OVER – 4-3-28 – by the Young Lightworkers – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Higher Density Blog

Thanks to Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Published on Apr 5, 2018

The lovely song Uyll , is by Gary Stadler-Wendy Rule No copyright infringement is intended. Dear-hearts, children, friends and fellow warriors of the light, I am your brother and friend Sananda here to reassure you friends that all is indeed going quite well! For as the light permeates all things, the darkness and dross – the misguided energies – have no where to go, but to be transmuted by this radiant light from Source! And this is most excellent news of course, is not? For you are ready for more light – the human collective has decreed this, and indeed, you are, and shall receive, your hearts’ desire, friends. Today I would like to give a simple message for you, dear friends. And it is this; the struggle is over. The pain and the…

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