SAMANTHA NAGTHALL @ In5D – 20 Common Symptoms On The Path To Ascension – 4-7-18

Higher Density Blog

20 Symptoms


by Samantha Nagthall, Medium, Reiki Master, Lightworker,
Guest writer,   /   SOURCE

There are many symptoms on the path to becoming a spiritually awakened and energetically connected soul. While some symptoms are directly related to our unique journey, others are part of an ongoing upgrade that is taking place in our solar system, on our planet, and at this particular time in history. Humanity as a whole is on an accelerated path of ascension.

In order to understand the source of these symptoms one must question their current state in the ascension process, and any role they have taken in progressing in their enlightenment. When individuals are conscious of what is transpiring beyond three-dimensional existence, and they regularly engage in spiritual practices, they are granted conscious access to the transformative knowledge and energies that are elevating all of us.

Many of us are aware of the upgrades…

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