Dreams of Star Beings and ships, by Kalia Diya

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Kalia Diya

My first “dream” like this was last year. I dreamed of being on a spaceship with my star family. The next time I was lucid dreaming, or meditating, connecting to the group of our galactic family that I’ve most recently worked with in other lifetimes (the Pleiadians). They took me to their ship, where I was made most welcome, and it really just felt like coming home. I was invited to sit at a large, circular very glossy white table with a council of beings dressed in white. I was also given information about the ship, about my own mission, and I was able to take in some the details and floor plan of the pristine ship, but what I took away from that meeting was something I’ve implemented in my life here since. And that is what I’ll share.

They showed me a sleep chamber, a…

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2 thoughts on “Dreams of Star Beings and ships, by Kalia Diya

  1. Perhaps this won’t make sense to many, but I am grieving the Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada hockey players, and I request that they, and those who survived the crash, be taken to the healing chambers of the Arcturians. Thank you, Eliza, for posting this comment. Love, B.

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