Grand Solar Minimum Chat with Adapt 2030 (Part 1) – The Right Media

Grand Solar Minimum Chat with Adapt 2030 (Part 1) – The Right Media

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dave from Adapt 2030. Our conversation was very interesting and covered multiple facets of the systems on our planet and our universe. That’s why this is just part 1. It’ll be broken up into a few parts.

Dave’s channel:…

Dreams of Star Beings and ships, by Kalia Diya

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Kalia Diya

My first “dream” like this was last year. I dreamed of being on a spaceship with my star family. The next time I was lucid dreaming, or meditating, connecting to the group of our galactic family that I’ve most recently worked with in other lifetimes (the Pleiadians). They took me to their ship, where I was made most welcome, and it really just felt like coming home. I was invited to sit at a large, circular very glossy white table with a council of beings dressed in white. I was also given information about the ship, about my own mission, and I was able to take in some the details and floor plan of the pristine ship, but what I took away from that meeting was something I’ve implemented in my life here since. And that is what I’ll share.

They showed me a sleep chamber, a…

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In Utero: Current Ascension Pangs Of 3D/4D Consciousness

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

There is a current we are riding. A trajectory. It has a direct connection to the source of our Being. It is like those geometry proofs we got in high school where you were given the damn answer but you had to work your way there.

“What the hell? If we have the answer what is all the fuss about?” This was a very mental exercise. I feel that same part of us trying to do the same thing with Ascension. It is a mystery. An unknown set of variables that are seeking to be discovered and made known in the puzzle.

But coming from the Heart, Ascension is not a problem to solve. It is something to be embraced, surrendered to, and lived through. It is getting to the core of our fear of the unknown, unknowable, and forgotten. It is coming to terms with what you truly ARE…

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Experiencer story by Kim Knutson, from Ontario

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Kim Knutson

I was a young teen, camping in Nothern Ontario. I got lost from the main group. The guides lost track of where me and another camper were. We had stumbled upon wolf cubs and I was concerned for the Mama, so we quickly backed out to leave. But it was strange, as dusk was coming and the cubs followed as if they had been frightened. I and the other young woman heard footsteps. It was strange, not loud like when someone rushes by you, there was pressured sounds.

I was under a tree brush and I saw a hairy, tall, like giant, with soft dark eyes, that was staring as I stared backed. I said with my mind: ”It is okay, I’m not here to harm or scare you; we are just lost trying to find our way back to camp”. I did not hear anything back…

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Perceiving Christ in the Etheric – Douglas Gabriel

Douglas describes his Damascus experience and how this led
him to the works of Rudolf Steiner and how he became Tyla’s
“translator”  for her own experience of meeting the Cosmic Christ.
I was born clairvoyant and saw angels flying into our earthly realm, heard archangels sounding their harmonic music throughout everything, and felt the hand of the divine that instructed me in the language of the spirit. The problem was that almost no one around me saw, heard, or felt these beings. I had more conversations with these beings in my youth than with my family and friends. I could not understand why others did not perceive these other dimensions and experience these beings all around them. To me, nature was filled with elemental beings who could communicate their source and nature.
I could see that higher spiritual beings were grouped in ranks and accomplished many tasks through their particular elementals. Reading people’s minds was quite easy, and often I could read their feelings and actions better than they could if they acted without consideration, which is what people do most of the time. Throughout my life, I have been searching for a way to speak about the chasm that exists between the normal materialistic perception of the world and the perception of the world from the point of view of a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient person like myself.
The chasm between clairvoyant and materialistic perception is so great that there truly were no words to describe these painful gaps in perception when I was young. Once I reached the age of nine, I realized that the chasm was too large to cross until I could build some type of bridge that could cross over from the spiritless materialism of our times to true living thinking, feeling, and willing. The threefold division of the soul into thinking, feeling, and willing causes a minor crisis in the soul of a materialist as it tries to merge these three distinct realms of activity into one united consciousness. Most people have yet to realize that there are three distinct soul capacities that must be understood before a balanced personality can arise.
Because I could see these basic problems people were having, I became a psychic reader and used palm reading, Tarot cards, playing cards, astrology and many other methodologies as tools to aid in the process of helping people learn to perceive their outer and inner worlds in light of spiritual principles. By helping to raise the consciousness of the person I was helping, he or she was given an opportunity to perceive the world as I did, full of spiritual beings trying to help us ascend the ladder of consciousness.

The bridge between the outer world and the inner world of the human soul has yet to be understood by philosophy, psychology, or physical science. What goes on in the soul is invisible and very hard to understand with the limits of the five senses. For me, there were twelve senses that rayed into my soul from the starry world that must be worked with to understand the world we perceive outside of our inner world. These twelve senses helped me understand the hierarchy of spiritual beings who work together to create both the inside and outside world.

There were also seven tones that I heard all the time sounding in my heart. These tones came from the hierarchies who create and maintain the planetary spheres of our solar system which are reflected in the seven major organs of the human bodies. When both the stars and planets harmonized, I could hear the speech of the divine which would resonant in my heart and ray out through my whole body. It was natural for me as a child to simply sit still and be fully satisfied, content, and nourished by all of these beings who moved in and around me and wished to help in every way.

I would become so filled with love and wisdom-light that my heart would seem as if it might explode.

I finally concluded that I was the only person who was having similar experiences. I tried to help others understand that heaven is truly all around us if we simply perceive with all three parts of our soul at one time.

Once I became old enough to be curious and wished to “travel” about the spiritual world, I came upon an extraordinary experience that made all that I had experienced before pale in comparison. When I would sit and pray and meditate for long periods, I would meet a divine female being who was threefold and full of wisdom. I saw Her as divine Mother Mary, Eve, and the Queen of Heaven.

She became my guide who helped me through an extraordinary experience, and for the last five decades, she has continued to teach me what the experience meant. She took my hand and enkindled my courage to go forward into the experience that seemed to strip away all aspects of my selfish personality. This type of stripping away of the lower self, humbles the soul and enlivens the spirit, giving birth to an imperishable garment of light that is purified through fire. I had already come through the trials of earth, water, and air with the help of the Mother and was now ready for the trial by fire which is most painful and difficult.

Once I had gathered the treasured aspects of earth, water, and air from my friends the elementals, the Mother took me by the left hand and we rose up into a rarified atmosphere where everything was still and empty but full of active listening. When She let go of my hand, I became terrified as I rose further into the rarified atmosphere of cosmic stillness that seemed to hold all space in one united consciousness. Once I became perfectly still and empty, I could see the approach of the grandest force of consciousness that ever embodied love coming towards me.


I immediately was struck with a brilliant light that seemed to be my inner core coming towards me from outside. This being was a brilliantly luminous herald of the overwhelming force of love that was flowing towards me. I fell to the ground and hid my face from the brilliant light, knowing that I was not worthy to be in the presence of this pure love.

The Herald came close and touched my head telling me to arise and let the light-filled, sound of the heavenly harmonics, and the love of divine flow through me.

“Do not try to hold onto the light, sound, or love — just let them flow through you and cleanse your soul and illuminate your spirit,” I heard a voice say.

Knowing that I was not worthy, but that I should obey the Herald, I stood up and I could see, hear, feel from a great distance the approach of pure love who pronounced that He was the Cosmic Christ who created the very consciousness I was embodying to be able to witness His approach. The Cosmic Christ’s appearance was beyond describing with words relating to size, shape, color, tone or any other earthbound sense perception. Truly, the Cosmic Christ is indescribable because in the act of witnessing Him the soul also perceives who he is because he stands in the presence of his maker, his parent.

From one consciousness to the other, like a child to parent, I saw the past, present, and future and it was my own I consciousness developing on the spiritual path that leads back to the maker. My I consciousness was given to me by the Cosmic Christ and someday it will unite again with the Cosmic Christ. I understood that the earth was created by the Mother of Wisdom as a stage upon which my I-consciousness can unfold between the and inner and outer worlds.

What I realized next was far beyond words. I knew at that moment that the outer world of perception was bringing my personal I consciousness to me each time I consciously perceived the world. It was shocking to me and such a revelation that my personal I exploded and expanded to encompass the entire world. The entire world was sending me the very nourishment from the Cosmic Christ that I needed to build my personal I consciousness from out of the outside world.

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Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part Two – 4-6-18

Higher Density Blog


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Easter cathedra, which seems so distant in this Now state, anchored the powerful Solar flare frequencies last weekend. Our first SUNday meditation was incredibly strong. Between the Divine Light encodements from SUNrise ceremony on the mountain and the surge of Source codes through the field, I wept through the whole first meditation with gratitude and activation.

The Sacred Marriage

Our Sacred marriage is presenting; the Divine Merge of Higher and Lower Self as a consistent experience. This is Embodiment; becoming the Christed Self. The current sensations of deep peace and Divine Presence are very much a part of this merge. Honor this intense love, balance, and desire to be at peace. Have faith, this purging-merging phase is quite purposeful.

Lucid dreams continue to indicate both individual and collective triggers for activating the crystalline bridges to New Earth. That is why this series…

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Energy Update: Strong Star DNA Activations And Star Family Connections

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

Wonderful frequencies today for going in, especially if you have been busy all week, on the go, and working. If you’ve been serving love, you need the recharge of higher frequency connection to recalibrate and move out any toxicities that you took in that weren’t yours and yet needed to come in and out your heart space.

Galactic activations are just SUPER strong in the last two weeks. Activation of our star DNA is happening at an accelerated rate. We are remembering our multidimensionality in this activation and also that much of our genetic code is not human. So many of us are ‘hybrids’ in this way with roots and origins in so many distant and not so distant stars.

If you are less able to feel this galactic connection, it may be that your focus is rightly on your emotional body, this life integration. Or on…

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You may be feeling a certain impatience,
that you are not where you would have liked to see yourself in your life and that it is taking “too long”..
Please do not compare yourself to others
We are all so Unique on our individual paths with our own lessons
You must remember we are first and foremost Souls on an Eternal Journey of Evolution
Time is really not an issue for we are always Growing
When you look back at your life
You can surely see how much youve Grown
You are not the same person you were
Your Soul has definitely Evolved and continues to do so
You should be very proud of yourself!
You still wish to accomplish and manifest more of who you truly Are
And indeed you Shall.
If you are still working through stuff you need to clear within you in order to move forward

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