April 2018 Ascension Energies – Creative Action – Jamye Price Thursday, 29 March, 2018

Forever Unlimited

April 2018 Ascension Energies – Creative Action – Jamye Price
Thursday, 29 March, 2018

The accompanying video to this article can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6qt1j6PhMk

March Review it

March energy was focused on compassion. As you nurture yourself into a strong flow, you have a wellspring of Love to flow into the world. Compassion is a catalyst that nurtures change. The Ascension process is about a deeper flow of Love that shifts the trajectory of evolution into a more cohesive collective through empowered individuals connecting.

Areon is fond of calling humanity a “connected collective” so we foster a stronger understanding of our connected nature. This is what helps us begin to focus on the vast engine of creation that is the subtle realm.

We begin with a mental understanding, but we evolve through the courage of emotional flow.

We communicate with the subtle realm via our subtle bridge – our…

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Your Unlimited and Unconditional Self

Reflections of Riverman


This morning I awoke at 4:21 AM with the message to do my Presence of Light talk on being Unlimited and Unconditional… oh my!!!

The times they are a changing is more that just a song from the 60’s but what is happening to us and through us.

Many times we cannot truly fathom all that is happening while we are moving through it  but we are all certainly experiencing a major shift in humanity and all of life.

What would happen if everyone tapped into limitlessness and began to live in accord with their hearts and their true self.

Well let’s begin to try to understand all the possibilities and tap into this Self which is emerging.

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Friday Pot Pourri: Holy Fools, Re-Worthing, Non-Existent Failure, and Hungry Students

Sophia's Children

I hope you’re all well and managing to keep your center amidst the Energy Waves of Now (and recently).

In alignment with Crazy Wisdom and the Energies of Now,I’ve been more deliberate about communication, gestating the ideas and that stirred up (Mercury Retrograde), and observing what I dubbed the Feast of the Appreciation (very Venus in Taurus) a couple of Sundays ago, and then decided, “Why not make it Feast of Appreciation Month?” Highly recommended improv practice.

For today, as other ideas and insights gestate and ripen for sharing outwardly, here is a pot pourri of four (4) insight-snippets and ideas that caught my attention in recent days.


The Wanderer (Holy Fool) in the Wild Wood Tarot (John Matthews).

(1) Holy Fools

The Holy Fool is a vibrant theme … one of my favorites (though there are several others).

It resurfaced recently a couple of times, including…

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April 2018 Astro-Energy Report Hard As Steel, Soft As Silk By Sarah Varcas

Forever Unlimited

April 2018 Astro-Energy Report
Hard As Steel, Soft As Silk
By Sarah Varcas

This month sees a concentration of energy in the signs of Capricorn and Aries, favouring pragmatic action fuelled by self-confidence and well-honed instinct. If you struggle with a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem, draw upon this energy to challenge the debilitating inner voice which says you’ve failed before you’ve begun, it’s not worth the risk – you’ll only make a fool of yourself! None of us are obliged to believe such harsh inner talk and yet we do, far too easily, and it’s time we resolved to stop and find a different way to approach life’s challenges. She/he who never dares never wins and has already lost when it comes to fulfilment of potential. Which doesn’t mean we’re all here to be super-heroes, magical healers, hyper-‘spiritual’ enlightened beings. It simply means we can all find more…

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Energy Report March / April 2018 Kate Spreckley


Energy Report March / April 2018 Kate Spreckley


Never before has an evolutionary process required so much from humanity. The ceaseless movement of evolving energies is pushing us towards a genuine, authentic evolution of consciousness. An evolution of consciousness where we recognize that our soul’s evolution and the evolution of the Earth are intertwined. That the condition of the world is dependent on the condition of humanity’s consciousness. And that evolution must happen for new life to emerge and flourish. More than ever it is important that we stand in the truth of who we authentically are to harness the energy of our souls and bring forth a new Earth reality.

This is the point of no return and so far, 2018 is proving to be yet another energetically powerful year. In the last few months, the ceaseless interaction of energies has been merging all that has been fragmented within humanity and the world. This is generating enormous shifts and changes both within the Earth and in humanity. The planet and all who dwell on her are literally transforming from the inside out creating a recalibration of all energy fields.

A new wave of cosmic energy arrived with the new Moon on March 17th which enabled the birth of a new dawn and a new reality. On the 20th/21st March, the Equinox allowed for an increase in this new energy, which created a distinct shift in the energy of the Earth. This shift revealed a gateway into a new future where the power of nature and the landscape of your deepest truth are merging to reveal a new life. Thus, a new journey of creation and manifestation is beginning initiating many endings and new beginnings.

Currently, the electromagnetic field of the Earth is being greatly impacted by the incoming energies.This impact is causing a re-orientation of the core energy of the planet and attuning you to nature in a much deeper way. This process has been particularly difficult and chaotic as old energetic patterns have been dissolved creating a space between the unseen powers of nature and humanity. In this space, you are being pulled into the vast mystery of your soul where all lifetimes, all timelines and all realities are condensing into one strong, clear and steady path.

Newfound wells of creativity are being unearthed and new levels of spiritual insight are flooding in. You are being called to travel deeply inward into the chambers of rebirth to allow your consciousness to be infused with new purpose, new perceptions, new understandings and new insights. Here you will gather the seeds of new possibilities and new potentials. You will come to see that no real separation exists and that nature is a reflection of your own divine potential. That the Earth is a living sanctuary where your soul and body meet in a unified state of consciousness.

At this powerful juncture, a deepening awareness of the evolving energies of nature is emerging. The Earth is opening her kingdom for you to walk an honorable journey. She is offering you the freedom to become fully awake, to know and experience the Earth as a sacred sanctuary of love, healing, and balance. You are being gifted with a new sensitivity to the Earth’s energy and nature’s changing cycles, which are directly linked to your future growth. It is therefore imperative that you begin to honor the cycles of nature, which means honoring the Earth and her bountiful resources. You are required to intentionally adjust your footprint on the planet and to learn to walk lightly upon the Earth.

Use the Mercury Retrograde period, which lasts until mid-April to align your motivations with the clarity and honesty of your soul. Take thoughtful steps towards the new Earth reality which lies ahead. Focus on connecting to the core of the Earth so that you can create a stable and secure foundation for your new life. New potentials are arising and many new opportunities are presenting themselves. Do your research before you plant the seeds. Work with the universal laws of balance and flow with the rhythm of the universe and you will create a beautiful, strong and magical life.

The energetic storms will continue to come through at an unrelenting pace. Use nature’s sacred spaces to support you. Journey to the oceans, the mountains, and the forests. Listen to the voice of the Earth and hear her song of creation. Follow her rhythms and energy, which will inspire you to move forward with joy and inspiration. Unravel and unmask yourself so that you may rise like the Phoenix. Use this time of renewal and rebirth to gain fresh eyes and a new divine perspective.

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The Journey of this Life — Mystical Journey

There are moments….sometimes seconds of complete awareness when you find yourself exhaling in relief. You are not alone. Someone else understands the intensity of being human. Someone gets it on your same level. They are on the same wavelength. They have similar experiences. They just know. And, in that transferring of heart and soul you […]

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Practical Ascension, Practical Magic: Bridging Spirituality With Grounded Practicality

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

Many of my mornings every week are dedicated to working online, specifically as an English teacher for Chinese children. These are early mornings… something my parts and my body have had to get used to and in some ways the “getting used to it” process is still going on and in!

This is temporary… the heart and soul purpose I’m on this planet for isn’t teaching English to foreign children. It’s a bridge into the magical world OF living into soul purpose, though. It’s a way to keep grounded in terms of income while continuing the work within that draws more of the income desired from offering healing work to others and serving love with them. And, it IS service of love in some form, and this my parts and my Metasoul Aspects too are coming to terms with more and more.

Parts of you may have…

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Ascension Energy Integration Teachings And Guided Meditation W/Raphael and Jelelle Awen (Video)

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

These high light energies in March and extending into April are recoding and rewiring us, our emotional bodies, our soul consciousness, the every living cell of our bodies….so much ACTivation in these frequencies to bring us up to a new consciousness level in everyday living experience! The INtegration of these activations is such an important phase of letting in, receiving, and allowing.

In our Unity Meditation call on Wednesday, Raphael and I offered teachings and perspective around integration and the CHOICE that this is to let in these codes/activations/energies/upgrading. We talked about the part of us, the Inner Protector, that can be resistant and fearful to letting them in and create blocks that limit, divert, keep you in suffering loops, etc. Read more here about parts and Metasoul aspects: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

Then, we offered a YINtastic guided meditation that brought in frequencies of Divine Sophia, Mother Mary…

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Mike Quinsey – 6 April 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


Dear Friends, Here is another message that contains much needed information that is important for those who are intent on raising their vibrations. Kryon touches upon awakening to the God inside, awareness of a new energy, that we can expect healing and change, and balance is being created. Kryon says “Compassion is the King”. There is surprising news about our ancestors, and we have the first indication of tens of thousands of entities and beings coming to Earth to help us, and it is being flooded with Light.


God is inside every single human being to the fullest degree that humans will allow it. Instead of compartmentilising your meditations, your prayer time or your channelling, it is always there, always available so it is not just a church experience, it is not a reporting on…

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Physical Upgrades ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have taken the steps forward on your journeys that are necessary to bring in the help that you’ve been getting. You see, help isn’t just distributed when you are in need of it. That’s what happens when the help you need is coming from non-physical, but when you demonstrate a readiness for help on a physical level, that’s when your physical extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters are able to step in.

The higher you raise your vibration, the closer you are in proximity to them. And so it doesn’t become as much about help as it does collaboration. Now, what you are collaborating on are some upgrades that will tide you over physically until you are fully occupying your light bodies.

When you let the help in, and you receive the upgrades to your physical…

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