JANET EILEEN @ In5D – We are the Earthians – 4-5-18

Higher Density Blog


by Janet Eileene,   Guest writer, In5D.com


What an incredible time to be alive! We are on Earth in our human bodies at the perfect time to make history.

Universal truths often are so simple we miss them.  The Earth is shifting dimensions and will do so whether we as humans go with her or not.  The key to understanding what is coming is to know that our magnificent Earth is the one leading and releasing the energy for change.  The Earth is shifting, evolving and vibrating faster and since we reside on the planet, we are too.  The Earth energy is literally from the ground up, base chakra up, pushing our issues to awareness to be released so we too can start shifting, evolving and vibrating in sync with our Mother Earth.

In our limited human minds we have discounted the Earth as the key to the changes…

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