FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 4-2-18… “Cabalists plot anti-Trump counterattack in Tokyo”

As always read with discernment. Some of the information presented cannot yet be proven due to a lack of evidence.

Kauilapele's Blog

Here is the full weekly report from Ben. More fascinating data, for sure. Particularly about the Chinese retaining steel samples from the 9-11 event, and the possible “replacement” of Neil Keenan by an imposter.

“The Japanese Khazarian mafia slave government, desperate to survive, is plotting the removal of U.S. troops from Japan as well as the end of the regime of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the emperor. That is why former U.S. President Barack Obama and former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra were here last week, the sources say… The Japanese regime has joined these anti-Trump efforts because it has become alarmed by a series of recent public rebukes by the Trump military government. The biggest is that Japan is being kept totally out of the loop about moves towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.

“The Abe government has been actively preparing for…

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