Nature Walks – Green Cay, 04.04.18


Nature Walks – Green Cay, 04.04.18

When I set out this morning, the blue skies were dotted with white puffy clouds.  I was heading to Green Cay for another bird walk.

A man-made wetland preserve, Green Cay has a total of 1.5 miles of boardwalk that travel from hammock (island) to hammock, reminiscent of the original landscape of the marshes before the advent of the 20th century.  All of the plant species used in the landscape are Florida natives, ranging from tall trees and palms to thick reeds and marsh plants.

I’ll let the photos do the talking for me:


Tri-colored Heron perched on Cypress.


Great Blue Heron


Tri-color Heron seeking lunch.


A very intense Green Heron. It was attempting to catch some freshly hatched dragonflies.


A sleepy young alligator.





Palm trees, a signature plant for Southern Florida.


Marsh Hen


Male Painted Bunting visiting the seed bird feeder. The feeder was also attracting Blue Jays and Grackles.

Those were the best photos from today.  I hope you enjoy these Nature Walks.  And thanks for visiting Blue Dragon Journal today!


“Sunny” VaCoupe

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Universal Code Defined – Sarah Westall

Science Ready to Evolve? Universal Code Defined, Power of Water

Scientists Jeremy Pfeiffer, Jonathan Leaf, and Max Champie join the program to discuss the latest research and insights into the power of water. We learn that water is not only a powerful energy source, but also it learns, adapts, and changes based on the environment. We also learn about the Universal code developed by Jonathan Leaf to bridge particle physics and biology; a tool that, if used by scientists, would bring significant leaps in technology. This is a fascinating discussion that is sure to open minds.


Kryon 2018 April – Be READY FOR BIG CHANGES IN OUR LIFE IN 2018 — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on We Signed Up For This: ? Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a “Support” Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways. For more info visit…

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The Glow

Reflections of Riverman

Sun on York River

In the glow of our dawning New Earth
the blur of Light reveals the glory of life

Every whisper of revelation softly embraces us

Moments of bliss entwined with delicate surrender
remind us to continue opening our hearts

Allowing the gentle mists of Love to be diffused
breathing them into the rivers flowing within and without

Exhaling loudly our heightened sense of unity

That we may give and receive our blessings
of harmony and balance, peace and understanding,
to dissolve separation and welcome us all back home

cRb 4.4.16

Sometimes I find my own words coming back to me from strange sources. Perhaps to remind me that the wonder and beauty of Life is always communicating … both to us and through us. 

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A Very Dear Friend’s Page

Reflections of Riverman

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The Hidden History of Humanity

The Hidden History of Humanity

Based upon the Secret Doctrine, this documentary focuses on the evolution of consciousness over millions of years while revealing the secret chronology of human history from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis to our current root race, while following the natural cyclic deluges between races.

For those wishing further reading, here is a link to a paper written in 2005 by my sister, Tazjma/Eliza:

The Root Races


jenny schiltx – Collapsing the Death Timeline –

This is a magnificent, compassionate, and personal sharing from Jenny. Read, process, and release your own inner fears of death. InJoy!

Higher Density Blog

Collapsing the Death Timeline


As we move to higher and higher frequencies, all that is within us that can not last in the higher frequencies must go, this includes the death/dying timeline. I want to share with you what I perceived to be a personal experience, but Spirit has shown me that many have experienced something similar recently.  I am also sharing with the hope that it brings clarity to what collapsing a prominent timeline can entail.

While I took a month off to really focus on the sacred passage we just went through, I went to the dentist to have a bad crown replaced with a tooth implant. It turned out that the cavity had gone below the gum line to the point where they recommended a bone graft as well. As they were putting in the cadaver bone, I was instantly shown a woman laying on a stretcher being wheeled into…

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Now in the Present | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You may have been incubating for a while, and now it is time to move on. Today is here to move on in. Today is the time to get on your horse and ride off, NOW in the present, no longer sometime in the future.

No longer are you to wait for sometime, for sometime is now, this minute, right now, not in a minute, not later, not yet. No longer are you for one minute to dilly-dally. Get right on with it now, this minute. You have dilly-dallied enough. Strike the match now.

For all purposes, now the starting bell rings. This isn’t rushing when you’ve been pondering this long. Take action. Do it or don’t. Ride on your horse today before your horse drags you behind it.

Don’t store anything up for later, for later becomes a heavy load and drags you down. Don’t say you…

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